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Brands With Personality | Personality Not Included
Personality Not Included is a new marketing book for entrepreneurs, marketers and all businesses about the importance of personality and a guide on how to use it.
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Nov 18

Jan 13

Gary Vaynerchuck is the wildly successful entrepreneur behind WineLibrary.TV and speaks often about using social media tools to promote your business. He also runs a wine community called Cork’d which was recently hacked.  Below is a video where he admits his mistake and uses the lessons of “Fallibility Marketing” (explained on Page 217 of PNI) to not only deal with the PR crisis, but also promote his brand at the same time.  A great PR and marketing lesson from an emerging master:

Sep 26

Several months ago, I had the chance to go into the studios at the CNet offices in San Francisco to record a session for something called a “Business Book Brief” that runs on cNet’s companion site for business called BNet. The video has been produced, professionally edited and is now online on the BNet site. Check out the video below for a brief introduction to Personality Not Included and let me know what you think.

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Sep 11


In this month’s Fast Company, there is an interesting profile of a law firm from LA called Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges which is making waves in the legal industry for being less formal and actually having a personality. Unlike other firms, they focus only on business litigation, take some cases on contingency, and have an on-staff barista. The photos in the article show a business that looks a lot like a Silicon Valley startup environment where all the lawyers are wearing (gasp!) jeans. A part of their story is a decentralized structure and far fewer management layers … but I suspect an even greater element is the fact that they have a powerful recruiting story to tell.

What lawyer stuck in a stiff and formal environment wouldn’t dream of working at a firm like Quinn Emanuel? When you are the envy of your industry, recruiting the best people is far easier. If you can get the best people and let them do what they do best, you can have the best company. It’s not a difficult formula, and it all starts with personality for this law firm shaking up their industry and making millions along the way. And it just might inspire you to think differently about what you do everyday as well. After all, if a law firm can understand and use the power of personality, what’s holding you back?

* The photo above is used without permission from the Fast Company article online. If they sue me, maybe I’ll try to hire Quinn Emanuel to represent me …

Jun 05

I first met Roxanne Darling at a great show for video bloggers called Vloggercon more than two years ago, and since then I’ve been following the rise in popularity of her video blog, BeachWalks with Rox. The show, shot daily from the beach at her home in Hawaii is the perfect reminder to stressed out east coast workers that they need to take a moment to slow down a bit and Rox is the perfect person to deliver that message in her natural and authentic style. So check out her review, and subscribe to her show to get some great ideas and thoughts delivered via video blog from a very unexpected place.

Beach Walk 648 - Personality Preferred