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Vote for the Best PNI Book Launch Interview! | Personality Not Included
Personality Not Included is a new marketing book for entrepreneurs, marketers and all businesses about the importance of personality and a guide on how to use it.
Personality Not Included - The Official Book Website
Apr 1

Last week I launched an open call to bloggers to ask questions and do a “virtual interview” with me about the book. I had 55 bloggers take me up on the offer and I recently went through the list and highlighted what I thought were the top 12 interviews. You can see the list below, and vote for your favourite in the poll below. The top five vote getters (and the #1 write-in vote getter) will all get signed copies of the book, and the Blogger with the most votes will get a $100 gift certificate from Enjoy the interviews and happy voting!

  1. Scott Monty | Interview Link
  2. Todd Andrlik | Interview Link
  3. Kevin Dugan | Interview Link
  4. Bruce Reyes-Chow | Interview Link
  5. Jonny Goldstein | Interview Link
  6. David Berkowitz | Interview Link
  7. Krishna De | Interview Link
  8. Connie Bensen | Interview Link
  9. Ronna Porter | Interview Link
  10. Zachary J. Braiker | Interview Link
  11. Gaurav Mishra | Interview Link
  12. Linda Sherman | Interview Link

Voting will close this Friday at midnight.

The Vote:

9 Responses

  1. Vote Jonny | Says:

    [...] Vote Jonny (Scroll to the bottom of the blog post after the link). [...]

  2. Nominated as a Top Interviewer : ..:.:.. Todd And = Marketing + Media ..:.:.. Says:

    [...] is one of the lucky 12 so I’d love your vote! Today through Friday, you can vote in two separate locations - so click over to this link and this one, and vote twice! The top five vote getters will [...]

  3. Ronna Porter Says:

    Hi Rohit, you asked for some suggestions for using sound in your marketing outreach. The book has a strong visual idea, but what does it sound like? Source a unique, meaningful sound. This could be a piece of music that is identifiable and individual to PNI (remember: are you marketing your brand, or the music artists?). Or it could be a soundbite - how about a combination of an unwinding clockwork chicken ending with a power-chicken fanfare (I’m thinking Foghorn-Leghorn, or a great line from ‘Chicken Run’ - but that might be taking the analogy too far!). Once you have your sound, use it consistently but selectively to ‘audio brand’ PNI in the same way you would with a visual identity. For example, you could use it podcasts or videos, audio book (Kindle here you come!), on Camtasia videos or webcasts, or in a short opt-in audio greeting on your PNI site. The skys the limit!

    Thanks for putting me into the top 12. I’ll be glad to get some votes and win the book. Cheers, Ronna

  4. Interview With Rohit Bhargava, Author of ‘Personality Not Included’ | Gauravonomics Blog Says:

    [...] if you loved my interview, please vote for me both here and here. Both your votes count, so do vote at both [...]

  5. Rohit Bhargava from Personality Not Included ( Says:

    [...] It would be really awesome if you could vote for this interview at PNI Blog AND Rohit Blog if you read it before Friday. (Yes, you can vote twice!) You will have to write [...]

  6. Jimmy CrackHead Says:

    Jonny, you owe me some time on Par Tay. David Berkowitz is running? Mark Chapman one of your homies too?

  7. Spread the Word: Vote Jonny Now! | Says:

    [...] Vote Here [...]

  8. How I won the “Personality Not Included” best interview contest | Says:

    [...] Here’s how I won the contest that Rohit Bhargava organized to promote his new book, Personality Not Included. [...]

  9. Linda Sherman Says:

    Here’s my follow-up on my experience of the voting contest.

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